The Dream Team

When passionate leaders share big ideas for shaking things up and changing the world it opens up unthinkable possibilities for making sh*t happen together. 



Sheena Repath - Chief of Making Sh*t Happen

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for making sh*t happen with outrageous ideas. Challenging the industry norms and rattling a few cages along the way. Sheena has developed dozens of ideas from the ground up, bringing to market some of the most revolutionary ideas that no one thought were possible.


Theresa Maguire - Chief of Innovation

A renowned thought leader in the apparel industry - that beautiful place where knowledge and passion collide to create a powerful human who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty unleashing new innovations. Theresa spent years creating winning brands at Club Monaco and Aritzia to mention a few


Our Family

We believe big ideas take people, lots of people so we have curated a family of hundreds of incredible thought leaders from around the globe who are the heart of everything we do. We are eternally grateful for their expertise, passion and dedication to helping us make big sh*t happen in this world.